Output files

Diagnostic files

Two types of files can be generated by SExtractor, providing diagnostics about the source extraction process:

  • "Check-images" are FITS files containing raster images such as maps of the background model, apertures, etc.. The configuration parameters CHECKIMAGE_TYPE and CHECKIMAGE_NAME allow the user to provide a list of check-image types and file names, respectively, to be produced by SExtractor. A complete list of available check-image types is given in §[chap:paramlist].

  • An XML file providing a processing summary and various statistics in VOTable format is written if the WRITE_XML switch is set to Y (the default). The XML_NAME parameter can be used to change the default file name sex.xml. The XML file can be displayed with any recent web browser; the XSLT stylesheet installed together with SExtractor will automatically translate it into a dynamic, user-friendly web-page. For more advanced usages (e.g., access from a remote web server), alternative XSLT translation URLs may be specified using the XSL_URL configuration parameter.